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Now, more than ever, there is an increasing demand for globally competitive professionals. iACADEMY is the best training ground for your future career.

The school offers very specific courses dedicated to tailor-fitting the students' learning alongside the continuous changes companies undergo to innovate and set new standards to achieve market leadership.

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Latest News

  • Whilce Portacio Art Workshop

    Whilce Portacio spearheads iACADEMY art workshop at the amphitheater on Tuesday, April 29. Read More

  • iACADEMY and DePaul University ink Study Partnership

    iACADEMY and DePaul University, one of the largest Catholic Schools in America, announced the effectivity of the Memorandum... Read More

iACADEMY offers prestigious Design, Computing, and Business programs, taught by professionals to further provide the students with real world exposure.  Download Application Form


The next chapter of your life can begin at the heart of one of the country’s thriving cities—a central business district that is home to the largest technological corporations, blue chip organizations, famous design and fashion houses and digital headquarters.

Our programs, therefore, become the perfect platform for students to immerse themselves their chosen fields, with niche courses that keep up with the fast-paced world of technology, design and business.

Expect a rigorous training program anchored on practical and theoretical education that exposes students the real demands of their industries, with education tailor-fit to achieve career success.


School of Computing

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

The Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with specialization in Software Engineering (BSCS-SE) program is designed to provide students with…... more

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Bachelor of Science in Game Development

Computer and video gaming is a fast-growing entertainment field and there is a great demand for game designers, programming, and…... more

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Bachelor of Science in IT, Major in Web Development

An essential part of the organizational process of the 21st Century, IT professionals must be able to bridge the gap…... more

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School of Design

Bachelor of Science in Animation

The Bachelor of Science in Animation (BS Animation) is a comprehensive program that deals with film making for traditional and…... more

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Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts and Design

As part of the fastest growing sectors in the global economy today, the creative industries have a bright and positive…... more

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Bachelor of Arts in Fashion Design & Technology

Hones and develops students with professional excellence in design. The comprehensive curriculum integrates art, fashion, and technology to develop competent…... more

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School of Business

Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; Financial Management

The Financial Management program provides students a strong foundation in theory, principles, and concepts, as well as in analytical tools…... more

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Bachelor of Science in Business Administration; Marketing and Advertising

This program focuses on the intricacies of creating and managing marketing campaigns and exposes students to marketing principles, trends, strategies,…... more

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Student Life

With world class facilites on hand for students to enjoy and explore, iACADEMY prides itself in buiding a creatively progressive environment for the best experience and output for everyone.

Facilities and Student Works

  • Cintiq Room
  • Case Room
  • Computer Lab
  • A Hallway
  • The Library
  • The Library
  • Sewing Room


Academic and extra-curricular events are designed to support iACADEMY courses and enrich the student experience via exclusive talks, exhibits, competitions and seminars.

Visit the site regularly for updates and announcements about upcoming events.

 First Day of School

Monday May 26,2014


 Whilce Portacio Art Workshop

Tuesday April 29,2014

Whilce Portacio spearheads iACADEMY art workshop at the amphitheater on Tuesday, April 29.


For information regarding iACADEMY’s college policies on costs, financial aid and scholarships, please contact our Admissions representative.
Admissions Office:(02) 889-7777 loc 321

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Enrolling at iACADEMY means you tap into the school’s prestigious network of affiliate corporations and alumni, become part of a state-of-the-art campus that keeps up with the changing needs of real world industries and gain access to working professionals who can equip students with competitive advantage as they start their careers.

There is a world of opportunity just waiting to be explored and it all begins by submitting your application.  Download Application Form

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Do you have any questions? Go ahead and send us an email or call our hotline.
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